IPMS/USA Gallery

>> Shipping by APO, if you've never done it before, may seem a bit confusing, but it is identical to domestic shipping with the notable exception of the requirement of a Customs Form, CP-72. Look at the images of the Customs Form and use it as an example. Please note that all of the data on this example is fictitious. Sender: Enter the sender's (that is probably you!) Last Name and First Name in the space provided. You can see that Mr. Andy Arrdvark is the sender. Business: Not required unless you wish to add the name of your business Address: If you listed your business name then you should use that business street address, otherwise your residence addy is fine. City/State/Zip: The usual stuff.... To: Use the name of the Point of Contact as it appears in the "photo album" located within the Gallery. List that name Last and First. Some of our contacts have asked that their ranks not be used so use their names exactly as it appears within their "album". Now here is where it gets tricky...... The APO address does not match the lines on the form but that didn't seem to matter too much to the Post Office Counter Clerk. Use the image as a guide and pretend that the address of the recipient is: Chuck LastName A ESC 1920 Attack The Ace of Spades APO AE 09876 You can use the image, and the fake address above, as an example when completing your form. If all else fails, just ask the postal clerk for help in completing the form but the above should be good to go. A few other items of note The Detailed description does not need to be an itemized listing of every model in the box, but you should identify the contents clearly, especially if there are metal objects within. Low ball the value of the box. A high value may entice someone along the line to open the box and retrieve what they think is of high value. Check the box as a Gift in Field #5. Check ground (recommended due to cost savings) in Field #6 Let the Postal Clerk fill in Field #8 Put the recipient's email address is Field # 16. That info is within the album in this gallery and is specific to that particular Point of Contact.