IPMS/USA Gallery

>> Images from Camp Delta - February 2007 Dear IPMS, Thank you so much again for all the phenomenal support we've received here in Iraq. Not just the stuff but also the kind words and thoughts of support. Indeed, We've received so much support that I'm amazed to find myself experiencing difficulty in keeping up with it all and still performing my primary mission. Therefore it is with gratitude that I must humbly ask to be taken off the list. Again, it's really been something, and you've provided pleasure not just to Americans but an international community. If you could have seen the excitement that occured around here during distribution I think you'ld be pleased. I've included a few photos and hope to send more soon. Again, thank you and please know that your support has brought some fun, relaxation and international friendship to our coalition. Sincerely, HM2 Robert "Doc" Connor