IPMS/USA Gallery

ACTIVE and ACCEPTING DONATIONS >> The kits not only help to fill in the downtime while service members recover from injuries and those in the Domiciliary, they’re also used in therapy and evaluation. We have used activities, such as model kits for the rehabilitation of service members who sustain a brain injury. Following TBI and PTSD, service members may present various cognitive deficits, to include eye hand coordination, visual processing, visual spatial deficits, and other cognitive processing deficits. Activities such as model cars serves as the medium for rehabilitation. We also use models for hand therapy to work on fine motor skills. We would appreciate all skill levels of models, acrylic paints, vaporless glues and magazines please. Thank you for your support of the troops. CONTACT: Lynn Dinehart Volunteer Services 76 Veterans Ave Bldg 18 Bath, NY 14810 lynn.dinehart@va.gov